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How My Paintings Happen

5/21/2019 This painting is 30"x48". It's of mandolins played in Blue Grass music. It's more plunky than horns or guitars. I'm using the "sound holes" and "scrolls" to represent the rhythm and general sound.

All images on this page are from 2 paintings from beginning to end. The canvas is wrapped around the stretchers.

Email me if you have any comments or questions. Be sure to re-upload (or refresh) your page for frequently posted new images. Thanks, Ann

Step 1

I've just laid out a general idea of placement and colors to lead around the canvas. This can change.

Step 2

Putting in some definition while keeping the color pattern and direction.


Time for some contrast and more specific direction as well as more definition on areas I want to emphasize. Earth colors are the theme here as opposed to the more intense colors I generally use. I want to keep the feeling light and chirpy which is kind of how a mandolin sounds to me.

Step 4

I darkened the necks to help lead the eye around the canvas. Also added curly-qs.

Step 5

Tried to define and clear up areas all over so I can tell what is and isn't working. Too many necks up top and not sure about right side. Need to study.

Step 6

Refining and defining some areas and angles as well as curly-qs. Got rid of some of the busy-ness in top right. Time to study for finishing touches.

Step 7

The finished version. If you look carefully maybe you can spot the changes I made since the last version. If you don't get a new image, you might need to clear your history.

3/22/19 This theater project started as a simple idea for prints for the gallery I'm in. Looking at the outside wasn't particularly inspiring so I went inside for the "gold" so-to-speak. The history is rich and I'll share later when I get my information straight.

3/22/19 The beginning - This canvas is 36"x48". I'm painting this with emphasis on the steamship-like curves and colors upon which the theater design was based. I just started at the top and put in some color.

Step 2

I'm filling in some detail with color mainly and working on perspective, working from a lot of photos, trying to keep the curves and Florida colors as a main focus.

Step 3

I put the mirror, door and stairs in on the left side so I can figure out the reflections that will go in the mirror that will help with the overall design. That's about it for the day. Had lots of errands to run.

Step 4

I decided it was time to move around more on the canvas and lay in other sections of the theater. I want to keep the circular flow going. Not real happy with the blue in the center. That is rather distracting and confusing. I'll want to change that at some point.

Step 5

Got rid of the blue ceiling because it broke up the circular flow I'm trying to keep or achieve the feel of cruise-ship. Then I spent way too long on perspective on the "arcade" floor design on the right, which is still not right. Also did some work on the theater entrance on the far right to tie that in to the floor and see how it's going to work with the theater seating above.

Step 6

Still working on perspective mainly on the floor design and theater entrance with some work on the ceiling on the left which is actually the entrance to the theater. The water fountain got a bit of work along with the floor into theater.

Step 7

Time to do something with the theater seating etc. This looks a bit too much like a heart but it's a start. Still working on perspective on the center piece in the arcade on the right. UGH.

Step 8

I spent a lot of time on stripes around the stage and the 2 paintings beside it as well as the seating.

Step 9

I think I've finished the details at the top of the canvas and did more work on the stage and surrounding area. I put in more detail on the entrance and hall leading to theater. A big change is the hall ceiling lighting on the left. I felt it needed to break up the stripes near the stage and bring the viewer back into the rest of the painting more smoothly.

Step 10

I reworked the star and more flooring and removed the star in the Arcade and removed the from the middle room, the blue chairs(I'll put them elsewhere eventually. did more work in general in that room and some work on the red carpet.

Step 11

I'm now finishing the Arcade section by bring silver to the poles that are in the middle for lines with their shadows and red rope. Also dealing with the sidewalk and a few other odds and ends.

Step 12

Spent today working on the seating, stage and surrounding walls. There is a round thing on ceiling that represents the first air conditioning but designed to follow the cruise ship theme of the theater in general.

Step 13

Finished the stage area and moving on down to the entrance and sidewalk with some rope and color changes for the arcade.

Step 14

Finishing up the left rooms and checking for details. The left section above the water fountain is intended to actuallly be a reflection of the opposite side of the hall as an extension of the large mirror opposite the theater.

Step 15

This is the final product. Hopefully it conveys the feeling of a cruise ship with its curves and port holes and hall ways,etc and Floridian colors.
I'll leave this up for a few days and eventually link to a history of details.