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How My Paintings Happen

All images on this page are from 2 paintings from beginning to end. The canvas is wrapped around the stretchers.

Email me if you have any comments or questions. Thanks, Ann

This painting is 36"x36". It's an abstract of trumpets and color. My challenge to myself is to get the colors to make the equivelant of sounds of a trumpet. As I've been doing lately, I'm using circles, lines and colors to express the music I feel while watching and listening to the music of whatever instrument I'm painting.

Step 1 - I want the colors in this painting to do to your eyes what sound does to your ears when you listen to trumpet music. Not all trumpet music is loud so I want subtleties in here, too. Consequently, I am starting this with simple color shapes. I have no idea where this will take me.
Step 2 - I tried several colors and shapes inside the red at bottom before arriving at this. I don't know what will change down the line and I will probably want some blurred edges here and there and probably some darks..
Step 3 - As you can see, am filling in some trumpet lines, to see how it strikes me.
Step 4 - More filling in spaces to see the effects it has on my seeing and feelings.
Step 5 - At this point, I'm playing with what colors go where to bounce off each other sort of like call and response. Don't know if texture would work in this or not. Kind of don't think so thus far.
Step 6

I think this is finished. The lighting on this is not good so will replace tomorrow but this accomplishes what I was after. In person, the colors appear to move around as you focus on any one color.

This painting is 24"x30". It's an abstract of banjos. My challenge was to try and capture how a banjo sounds to me. As I've been doing lately, I'm using circles, lines and colors to express the music I feel while watching and listening to banjos.

Step 1

I just sketched in a general idea of colors and placement along with general shapes of banjos to start "explaining" to myself how they sound. This is me hunting and pecking while searching for the sound. I want to keep it light so am going with lighter colors for now.

Step 2

I think the sound is plunky and checks come to mind. So I laid in a few types of checks and colors to see what fit best.


Added some darks for contrast and start looking for a direction to express feeling I get from the music. Never have thought that much about banjo music before. I'm not at all sure what parts of this I like or not. Need to settle on something.

Step 4

I continued with some of the darks as on last version.

Step 5

Got rather caught up in the wavy plaids but I'm not sure that feels like banjos. Need to study.

Step 6

I think it's obvious what changes I made. I'm still experimenting with whatever comes to mind. Looking for the right feel.

Step 7

Wavy plaids just didn't do it for me but I still like the bits of squares moving in and out of the colors in which they are resting or moving. Also decided I need more banjos and more variety in them so the circles and colors are becoming more important than the realistic banjos.

Step 8

Expanded on the circles and you can see what I did. I think I have a more specific pattern and direction than before and it feels a bit more "banjoy" to me now.

Step 9

This is the final version. I just refined the one before. I'll be revisiting banjos in the future as there is a lot more to learn from them. Hope you enjoyed and go listen to some banjos for yourself.