Commissioned Art - Ordering Process

How to order - 8 Easy Steps

Ordering a painting is easy. Just 8 steps and it's yours to give as a gift or for you to enjoy for years - outlasting even the most luxurious vacation and there to take you on memory or mental trips at will.
Contact Ann to introduce yourself and your idea. You tell me your general idea and we then discuss how and when we can make your dream come true. Discussion will include size, style, price, payment methods and shipping. In this step we work out what materials I will need to capture the image you want...such as photos of subject. Unless it's obvious, I make a very simple sketch of general placement of elements we've discussed so we are both on the same page in our thinking.
Sketch or photo layout and colors are agreed upon before the first half of payment is made. I want to be sure both our expectations are as close as possible. I will send snapshots of ptg as it progresses as part of the process so you know what's going on and we can make adjustments if necessary. Final 50% of the payment is made once you are happily satisfied with the finished painting. I scan the finished painting for my records before shipping. I ship USPS, Priority Mail, insured unless otherwise requested.