Commissioned Art - Your Ideas Customized

Commissions - Personalized Acrylic Paintings

Meeting and working with people is very rewarding to me. I love the challenge of translating your idea
into a painting that is special to you or the person you are giving it to.
Below are samples of my work. Use them for inspiration for your own ideas.

Click on the image below to go to your preferred subject matter.

People Portraits

Animal Portraits

Traditional Architecture

Jazzy Architecture

Abstracts and Designs


Still Lifes


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Portraits of People and Scenes with Figures

I work best from several photos (or one really good one), either yours or mine.

Click on the image for larger view and for information about the painting.

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Dr John

Childhood Memories

Best Friends

G and E

Sommer and Her Cat

Allen Toussaint


GiGi and Family


A Little Shy

College Baseball Memories


Family Unity

Lady Day

Fox’s Lair-Inside

Musical Retro

James Brown

Just Resting


Yoga Teacher

The Cat Rules

Boat Ride


Wine Valley

Shell Beach

One Mardi Gras

French Market

Baker's Boys

Eddie's Parents

Tom M.

Red Trumpet

Animal Portraits

I work strictly from photos that you have or that I take when possible.
The photos need to be big enough for me to see some detail and to really look like your pet in a typical pose.

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Best Friend



Sweet Kitty

Moonlit Stroll

Ozzie and Harry


Love Lizzard



Last Day

Architecture - Traditional Style

I like to make sketches of the building with back-up photos when possible but will use your photos if I can't get to the location. The more photos the better because it helps me get a feeling of your house or favorite landmark.

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Augusta Home in Spring

Cottage on a Lake

Old Government House

Mississippi Home

Architecture - Jazzy

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Art On Broad Gallery

Butts Memorial Bridge

Partridge Inn

Most Holy Trinity

Tybee Lighthouse

Fox’s Lair-Outside

Abstracts and Designs

This requires conversation and sketches and whatever clarifies your desire and my understanding.

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Stained Glass Design


Red Rush

Initials for Three



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Swampy Woods

Jacksonville Beach

Broad River

Hydrangeas-Lower Garden

Afghanistan-1st Tour

Guana Cay

Still Lifes

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Easter Lilly

Flannel Flowers

Red Flower

Orchid for Lynn




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Robert's Boat

Alice in Tractorland

The Wedding Site