Connecting with Nature - Tree Series

Paintings of Trees as Emotional Beings

"Tree...he watching you. You look at tree, he listen to you. He got no finger, he can't speak. But that leaf...he pumping, growing, growing in the night. while you sleeping you dream something. Tree and grass same thing." Bill Neidjie

Connecting with Nature - Tree Series

When I'm not painting, I'm in whatever type of garden I have at any given time. Sometimes it's nearby woods or swamps, sometimes a small patio but Nature is Nature. As I grow older, my garden is often in my mind. I started working on my series of trees during our Covid shut down. It began when I was driving down a nearby street and stopped at a red light. As I sat there I noticed how a street light was almost buried in the leaves of one of the trees in my view. I started thinking about how the tree must feel to have a light shining on it day and night and not being able to say or do anything about it. That is what my tree series is all about... the strength, emotions and expressions among themselves and sometimes their connection to us humans.

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Crepe Myrtle Explosion

Swamp Guardians

Self Reflection

Passing Through

Tattered and Worn

Spirits of Banyan

A Shadowy Dance

In a Fog


Six Feet Apart

If Old Oaks Could Talk

Trees Dancing

Swamp Fortress

Tree-Sky Communion

Live Wire


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