About Jazz Art Painter - Ann deLorge

Artist Statement

Ann deLorge

I have always worked as an artist, painting for more than 40 years and still love it.

It is magic to watch colors influence each other and change the mood of an entire composition, as when one line touches the edge of the canvas, or crosses over or under another. One quiet empty pale purple space bumps up against a loud angry orange or brilliant red, capturing the notes, chords and rhythm of the sounds and sights that inspire me.

I was born in Savannah, GA, but my painting roots are in New Orleans, LA from 1971 where I began my painting career in watercolors, painting French Quarter scenes and people - especially musicians. As my work and interest in contemporary jazz evolved, I began experimenting with brighter colors and freer lines in acrylics in order to capture the intensity of the music. My new interests in bright colors, lines and jazz melded into what I began calling my "Jazz Art".

Hurricane Katrina carved out some changes in New Orleans and my life. I am now based in Augusta, GA where I continue to paint jazz with the influence of New Orleans pushing the colors and movement. Karen Gordon and her fantastic, world-renowned brother, Wycliff, work to bring jazz to a new level in this city and I take full advantage of their efforts and those of the many local musicians who inspire me regularly.