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How My Paintings Happen

7/25/18 This project is a commission to be hung in a very simply designed modern home in Augusta, GA, home of James Brown. It is 48"x36"x1.5" acrylic on stretched canvas.

All images on this page are of the same painting from beginning to end. The canvas is wrapped around the stretchers.

Email me if you have any comments or questions. Be sure to re-upload your page for frequently posted new images. Thanks, Ann

Step 1

I poured and manipulated the main colors I'll be using in this painting with canvas flat on the floor. Placement wasn't terribly important.

Step 2

I put the colors of background in as stage lights so I can tell how the body/clothes will be effected. Did a little on the face and one hand to get that started.

Step 3

Today 7/28, I put in the other hand and started working on outfit colors and skin tones with some work on background colors or where I want them to go. Feel free to offer your comments on my contact page. Thanks.

Step 4

More color adjustments on clothes and background. I think I want more red in background.

Step 5

Got the red started. Not sure how much of that I'll want or exactly where. This painting is going to consist of a lot of color manipulation all over.

Step 6

Today, Sunday 7/29, I worked on more clothing to get a better feel for how I want to deal with the background colors. Sometimes what seems like a great idea to begin with just isn't. So I'll keep playing with the background until I think it works. Trying to decide how loose to make/keep it. Tomorrow is another day, Scarlet!

Step 7

Mon 7-30. Still not comfortable with background but have some ideas on things to try. I want to emphasize the direction/ movement of his-to the viewer-right leg and hand so want some dark in that path but don't particularly want the triangle of pink that it carves out. Good time to take a break until tomorrow.

Step 8

I think I'm going to make a more modern background with these colors with the angle by the right leg for emphasis. Will play with all this as I go.

Step 9

I worked on the hair and clothes and a little on background.

Didn't have much time to paint today so didn't get a lot done.
Step 10

Today I fooled with the background as usual. Maybe not as "modern" as I was thinking. Don't know which direction this will go. Tomorrow should be more productive as I have no errands to run.

Step 11

More of the same, playing with background and working on clothing and refining facial features, hand, etc...just working around the canvas. It is getting there. The background depends on everything else and vice versa.


Today, Tuesday 8/7, got a little more done with clothing and continue to manipulate the background... I might be able to finish in a couple of days maybe. Background needs more work along with clothing but I'm getting closer, I think.

Step 13

8/10 Friday. Still working on background. Have a little more to do on clothes.. I spent the day toning down the background. This is slow going. Next post will be when I think it's finished. Could be a few more days.

Step 14

Saturday, August 18-The final version. If you look carefully maybe you can spot the changes I made since I disappeared. Painting has been delivered.