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How My Paintings Happen

1/1/19 I'm showing some of the steps in my painting about piano keys. There are tons of steps and this painting took me forever to resolve but I sure learned a lot about how I did and didn't want to paint. I played with texture, color and brush/knife strokes.

All images on this page are of the same painting from beginning to end. The canvas is wrapped around the stretchers.

Email me if you have any comments or questions. Be sure to re-upload your page for frequently posted new images. Thanks, Ann

Step 1

I just started without a specific sketch or plan other than to try and capture the sounds and feelings of listening to and looking at a piano being played. I threw in the trumpet bell or suggestion of to break up having only a piano but that was sort of an afterthought to give me circles and straight lines to work with.

Step 2

Although I really like all the white space (and I'll keep in mind for future work), I want more piano keys in this one so am playing with colors for compositional purposes-harmony and balance.

Step 3

I put in the heavy green-blue lines to establish a rhythmic direction. Painted more red for balance and am considering how committed I am to the horm bell/circle.

Step 4

Not totally sure about when to stop with this. Right now it feels pretty balanced all around so ???? But it doesn't feel finished.

Step 5

Wondering where to put more keys and circles. Also a bit conflicted between how representational or abstract I want to go.

Step 6

I decided that the keys in the middle were too much and not that appealing. Also working to simplify all around.

Step 7

Greens and blues are starting to take over and the piano keys are becoming a thing unto themselves. I'm just listening to the Muses at this point. I have no idea where we are headed.

Step 8

Getting rid of the horn. This is just going to be about piano keys. I might say this is finished but can't resist to keep going with it.

Step 9

This expansion of the keys could be finished here but I still want to do more with it. Not sure about the solid blue spots. I might just be addicted to painting on this particular canvas. I'm not sure abbout my obsession to continue.

Step 10

Decided I needed more dark vs light contrast. I also want to present the idea of playing separate keys, hence the separate brush strokes. Also noticed the canvas is too divided in the side middles so I rearranged that. Also looking for depth around the different keyboards. I'm using bright colors vs duller ones to express loud vs soft notes.

Step 11

Just got carried away with checkerd pattern and lost all sight of where I might have been going. Partly because I'm not real sure where I'm headed any more.


I have skipped a few depressing steps between 11 and now but this is finally a direction I'm comfortable with or find exciting.

Step 13

At last, things are starting to line up like I wanted them to way back when. What a ride this has been. I still have quite a jumble of colors (notes) in the lower middle and not quite sure what to do with the red middle and right but the rest feels good to me.

Step 14

The finished version. If you look carefully maybe you can spot the changes I made since the last version. Painting has been sold and delivered.