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How My Paintings Happen

6/4/18 This is a commission of a beloved pet dog who loved the water. The emphasis is, of course the dog but the surroundings are almost as important.

All images on this page are of the same painting from beginning to end. The canvas is wrapped around the stretchers instead of stapled onto the sides. I'll be using a canvas on 1.5" thick stretchers to hang with a frame.

The painting is 36"x24".

Email me if you have any comments or questions. Thanks, Ann

I want to make this painting have a touch of an old photo color before it's done. I'm going to paint it in normal colors first and will go back with an overall glaze for the final colors. At least that is the plan.

Be sure to reload the page if you don't see new images regularly. If any problems viewing, send me an email.
Step 2

I've got the general colors around where I want them. Now it's a matter of bringing things closer or pushing them back while filling in details.

Step 3

I think it's obvious what I did today. I'm not too concerned about the contrasts and colors at this point. I am mainly just getting things where I want them and working on details. I'll go back and correct colors and depth, etc along the way.

Step 4

Spent time on sky/clouds and water today. Obviously tackled the bottom water area. That's going to be tricky getting that part so it belongs with the rest of the painting...not to mention the rocky area where the dog is standing.

Step 5

Spent the day on bottom and then overall depth and colors. I do want the dog to be the center of attention. Time to show this to my client to get some feedback.

Step 6

After showing my client the painting, she wanted less emphasis on the dog and more on the landscape so we agreed to moved the top sky and trees up and added close-up tree branches. I'm not sure that de-emphasizes the dog but it definitely changes the landscape/composition. It brings it more together.

Step 7

I added a warm glaze from top to almost bottom. Remember that was to give the painting an old photo look. At the bottom I left some of water to the right unglazed. Also the tree limbs are unglazed. Time for client's feedback again.

Step 8

Client came by and, by the way, has a very good sense of composition and color and also knew what she wanted. I got rid of stick standing in the water, darkened the dog here and there, added shadow over area where dog is standing and to the left. We were both pleased with the results. So there is a warm glaze until I get to the dog and flowing around the canvas' left edge and bottom. I glazed some of the bottom with some cooler blues and purple, leaving some of the original colors.
Feel free to offer your feedback.

Remember the last painting of the bass abstract? After more studying, I made a few changes on the viewer's left. I think it brings the eye on down to the bottom of the painting and the right brings it back up. Perhaps now I'm finished... I think so. The buyer likes the last things I did.

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