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How My Paintings Happen

3/16/18 I started a new commissioned painting of a "harvested" Mallard duck today. The colors of the duck are the main focus as well as general design of painting. This is in homage to the duck and all its beauty as well as providing food to the hunter.

All the images on this page are of one painting from beginning to end. The canvas is wrapped around the stretchers instead of stapled onto the sides. I'll be using a canvas on 1.5" thick stretchers to hang without a frame for my client.

The painting I will be working on is 24"x18".

Email me if you have any comments or questions. Thanks, Ann

I started this painting by sketching in the body of the duck in some detail and the rest of the ground for pattern and design to enhance the duck's colors. I will be laying in layers of colors so the irridescent aspect of the colors shows through.
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Step 2

I'm still working on a pattern in the leaves and sticks the way Nature accepts and enfolds us all.(I'm not a hunter so am trying to see this as I think Mother Nature might.) I think the energy of the duck leaves its form to return to its invisibleness with Nature. Meanwhile my personal form sees some beautiful color in with the browns and greys of the ground.

Step 3

Sorry I missed yesterday..Had to run errands all day.
Today I spent more time on the bird colors. Trying to keep the colors as translucent as possible so you can see the greens and reds in the "blacks". I rather like the yellow ground so don't want to get rid of least not yet and definitely not altogether. If I were doing this just for myself, I'd be real close to stopping. (will have to have a chat with my client)

Step 4

Today, 3/21, I am getting the general color on the bird and get more leafy shapes on the ground and letting go of a lot of the yellow - after talking with client. Not being a wildlife artist, I'm gaining a great appreciation for the patience of those people.

Step 5

Another day of working on details and colors. I mainly worked on the bird today which I think may be finished or real close. Another few days should be enough to finish, depending on how my client feels about the bird.

Step 6

I think I am finished with the Wood Duck today but am checking with client to be sure. Then I'll be abandoning this project for a couple of days while a get some other things in life taken care of. Be back on this Thurs early.

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