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How My Paintings Happen

See the rhythm (and sometimes, lack of rhythm) of jazz come to life through this step by step photo demonstration of how I paint.

All the paintings on this page are of one painting from beginning to end. The canvas is wrapped around the stretchers instead of stapled onto the sides. I paint around the edges, giving the painting a more finished look so frames are not necessary.

The painting I will be working on is commissioned to be hung between two 36"x24" paintings I did many years ago. My client wants this one to be in the same style as the two it will hang between... Quite a challenge since I don't paint like that any more. The two paintings my new one will go between are posted below.

If you want me to let you know when I am working on this, go to my contact page and let me know your email and that you want to stay in the demo loop, so I can contact you. I will not share your emails with anyone. Thanks, Ann

Studio with a new canvas I sketched in with charcoal yesterday. This will be a scene with several New Orleans jazz musicians in an open-air café between 2 columns on either end and a little edge of awning that hangs from the roof.
Begun August 9, 2017

Step 1

I plan to start painting on this sketch on 8/11/2017. I started by mixing colors I used many years ago when I was on a red, yellow, blue kick. Mainly cadmiums and thalos. Strong colors. I wanted to put them down somewhere just to get started. I'm starting from left to right in this painting because I need to get the bass player in proportion and fit everything else accordingly.

Step 2

Looks like a mess as I'm just working on proportion, putting in and taking out color until it works.

Step 3

End of day 8/12....Finally got the proportions more or less like I want them with some idea of where the colors will go..All close enough to move on to other areas.

Step 4

End of day 8/13...I spent too much time working on drummer and trumpet player, proportion as usual. Not DOING so much as THINKING about how to combine ceiling with awning and sky colors with figures. I think I'm goin to break up the light blue with some darker blues and maybe throw in some of the red and yellow in small lines?? Have to wait and see how it all looks as I progress.

Step 5

End of day 8/15...Working on more details and proportions. Starting to play more with what colors should go where. The column on left is way too big so that's got to change. also, I want the colors around the bass to be lighter and more rhythmic.

Step 6

Not much happened today as I had several errands to run and not much time to paint. I finished getting all the figures in reasonable proportion with their placements and I narrowed the left column. Not much time tomorrow either but maybe I can get some better definition of colors and resize a few body parts, etc and make some progress on color shapes..This is where the fun begins. I'm starting to see some rhythm happening. Are you?