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How My Paintings Happen

Watch as I go from pencil and paper sketch to painting of a black dog on his favorite rug, through this step by step photo demonstration of how I paint.

All the images on this page are of one painting from beginning to end. The canvas is wrapped around the stretchers instead of stapled onto the sides. I'll be using a canvas on .75" thick stretchers to allow for easier and better selection of frames for my client.

The painting I will be working on is 20"x24"

Email me if you have any comments or questions. Thanks, Ann

More detailed sketch I'll be using as reference as well as photos for this painting.
Begin painting October 15, 2017

Step 1

I'll be using colors from the rug,outdoor light and room light for highlights plus black is never just black. It has variations within itself.
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Step 2

I've spent the day working around the dog on the design and colors of the rug which I will put in the dog. I'll use some of the overall design in the fur...if all works out as planned.

Step 3

End of day 10/17....Putting layers of colors on top of colors to give life to the black in this dog and to the surrounding carpet. Softening,lightening or darkening all over the canvas.

Step 4

Another day of juggeling transparent colors all over the canvas so the darks will have depth..

Step 5

I've skipped a couple of days. Had to run errands. I spent the day rearranging some of the rug design and color but mainly adding darks to the dog (Pepsi). Tomorrow, if all goes as planned, could wrap this up. I'm usually wrong about that.

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