See the rhythm (and sometimes, lack of rhythm) of jazz come to life through this still-life demonstration of how I paint.

The Process

All the paintings on this page are of one painting from beginning to end. The canvas is wrapped around the stretchers instead of stapled onto the sides. I paint around the edges, giving the painting a more finished look so frames are not necessary.

The painting here is of a trumpet in its case. I lifted it up a bit so it could see over its case and painted what I think it would be feeling if it had the chance to look over and out of its boxed-in safety.
It's been around so I thought it would be in the mood for some fun.

Studio with 3 canvases in various stages . The one with the black arrow is the one for this painting.

Step 2

Laying it out and presenting new possibilities for myself and the trumpet.

Step 3

Wanting to stay in the case and paint what I see but reminding myself I wanted to get out and follow the paint I just splattered and brushed all over the canvas. I also want to see what I think the trumpet might see.

Step 4

I'm not sure how far to go with realism and fantasy. I want to brighten it up so it's not just blue and yellow. Not sure where we're headed just yet. I want a better communication between the beginning (mouth piece) and the end - on your right - the place through which the music soars out into the world).

Step 5

Looking for something to lighten up the mood, which is a bit like a coffin with the case being all blue. I listen to "Struttin' with some Barbecue" by the Marsalis Family. Great tune if you don't already have it.

Step 6

This is how it all got resolved. The colors represent the notes my trumpet hears and is playing once it gets out of the case. I decided to mix the fantasy of colors with the realism of the blues in the case. The notes or colors are also used to connect the beginning of the literal trumpet, which is out of the case, to the literal end to the right that is still in the case.

Looking Over
10" x 20"
To purchase: 300.00